WLREA Hosts Estate, Trust, & Succession Planning Webinar with Bay Area Estate Lawyer, Emily Wirowek

WLREA Webinar: Estate, Trust, and Succession Planning

Wilson Leung Real Estate Associates teams up with local Estate Lawyer, Emily Wirowek Esq. to discuss Estate, Trust, and Succession Planning. Many people believe that estate planning is only for people who are particularly wealthy, have elaborate schemes in mind for passing their money to their heirs, or for people who are acutely ill and contemplating their death. This could not be farther from the truth!

Tune in to our Webinar to learn how to plan and successfully navigate both the inevitable and the unexpected events in life, to ensure goals are reached, risks/expenses are minimized, and peace of mind is achieved. Topics we covered:
Trust & Estate Planning;
Controlling property while you are alive and well;
Planning for you and your loved ones if you become disabled;
Avoiding probate;
Step-Up in Basis;
Giving what you have to who you want, the way you want, and when you want;
Ensuring the long term control and protection of property;
Leaving a legacy for your family.

Wilson Leung Real Estate Associates’ mission is to help families build wealth through real estate. We do this by providing unrivaled expertise, dedication to educating our clients, and an unparalleled level of customer service that surpasses our clients’ expectations.
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