WLREA Client Testimonial | First Time Home Buyer Works with Ashley Thornton to Move Closer to Family

Meet Charmian, a proud new homeowner of a lovely condo in South San Francisco! Charmian originally hails from the Bay Area but lived in southern California for some time while attending graduate school. She began witnessing many of her friends buying homes and ultimately decided it was time to embark on her own home buying journey when she saw her brother flourishing in a place of his own.

When searching for a top South San Francisco realtor, Charmian and her family were encouraged to work with our team after her brother had a great experience purchasing one of our listed homes. She was paired to work with the wonderful Ashley Thornton to officially start house hunting! While initially, Charmian was apprehensive about beginning her search during COVID-19, she was pleasantly surprised to learn of the many protocols in place to ensure the safety of buyers, sellers, and agents alike. Ashley was there to advise every step of the way– from being Charmian’s eyes and ears in her favorite Peninsula neighborhoods to coaching her on the unique current day real estate market, to ultimately finding THE ONE in just a month and putting together a winning offer!

“You guys are great with keeping me up to date, you’re very prompt […] I never would’ve known it would be so smooth.”

When asked what her experience working with Wilson Leung Real Estate Associates & Ashley, Charmian says, “It was amazing […] You guys are great with keeping me up to date, you’re very prompt, phone calls, emails, and I can’t thank you enough.” She jokingly adds that most of her knowledge of realtors came from movies. “Honestly I didn’t know much about what working with a real estate agent would entail– the last movie I watched where there was a real estate agent, she got fired because she yelled at her client. This was just Hollywood informing me and I just never would’ve known it would be so smooth.”

What’s next for Charmian? She’s thrilled to begin decorating, settling in, and filling her home with things she loves. We wish Charmian all the best in this new journey and can’t wait to see how her home comes along as she puts together that “Pinterest-worthy” aesthetic she’s striving for!

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