Doorknocking and Business Building Group Coaching

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Agents who consistently farm are successful regardless of favorable or unfavorable market conditions because they can adapt and are always in front of their consumers.

With a consistent brand identity and community presence, agents who farm are the trusted community ambassadors consumers look for when they are in need.

In this class you will learn how to analyze, plan and execute on a business plan that will yield you long term results via farming/doorknocking.

8 Core Curriculum Calls

  • Doorknocking & Systems

    • Benefits of Doorknocking/Case Study
    • Mindset and Preparation for Doorknocking Success
    • Goal Setting/Expectations & What to Bring/Prepare
    • Follow-Up Systems for Success
  • Business Building & Leadership

    • Mission, Vision & Values
    • Org Chart & Standards for Yourself + Your Team
    • Duties of a Leader & Team Culture
    • Final Thoughts on Constant Improvement, Habits & Systems

    in summary

    What You'll Get

    • Primary Coursework
      1. 4 Calls on Doorknocking & Systems
      2. 4 Calls on Business Building & Leadership
      3. Weekly Group/Q&A Calls
      4. Access to our Exclusive Facebook page for Troubleshooting, Accountability & File Access

    What You'll Get Through Our Weekly Calls

    • Access to Resource Library
    • Other Tools
    • Sample Flyers
    • Sample Newsletters
    • Sample eNewsletters
    • Videos of Roleplay
    • Miscellaneous Content

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    • Price: $99.00
      Weekly on Wednesday at 11am PST. First Class on Feb 12th via Zoom. Once registered, we will send a Zoom Call Calendar invite and Facebook Group invite.


    • "My coaching experience with Wilson was life changing. The lessons he shared helped me develop a winner’s mindset and also equipped me with the skills necessary to be successful in real estate and door to door sales. Wilson’s teachings are genuine and authentic because he speaks from his own experiences and continues to lead by example and practices what he preaches every day. Wilson is the real deal."

      Reyes A, Solo Agent

    • "Wilson’s hyperlocal community building strategy is the basis of my burgeoning business. I was able to reach out to him and bounce ideas off of him and also get feedback on what has worked best for him. With Wilson, he takes the time to think about what would work best for me in my business starting out and it has paid off big time!"

      Troy C, Solo Agent

    • "Highly recommended!!! Taking Wilson's class is like having magic pills - years of experience and wisdom instantly grow into you and empower you like no others! I took it and I had my super power. So should you!"

      Wen G, Team Leader

    • "If I were to describe Wilson in 3 words it would passionate, dedicated and generous. I was introduced to real estate in 2017 when I joined Wilson Leung Real Estate Associates as Marketing Operations Manager. From day 1 Wilson took me under his wing and educated me on real estate. He encouraged me to read professional development books, had me partake in the sales team meetings, even though I wasn’t on the sales side yet, had me shadow his listing appointments and was always available when I had any questions on how to navigate my job. From this, I got a crash course in real estate that allowed me to quickly grow into managing his listings and eventually become a Real estate agent myself. He was nothing short of supportive when I told him I decided to make a life changing decision to move away and be a solo agent. I’ve been through a few tricky transactions since I’ve been solo and knew I could reach out to him for advice on how to handle it."

      Michelle G, Solo Agent

    • "Wilson has been an outstanding coach and a great role model to follow. He is dedicated, sincere, enthusiastic and always willing to help. He is very hard working and one of the top producers but so down to earth. He has demonstrated a commitment to the professional development of his students. I’ve learnt a lot from his coaching sessions and anyone would be lucky to have a coach like him. Thanks for everything, Wilson!"

      Madhu B, Solo Agent