Start With An End Unit

We are early. Just received one of those “OMW” messages, which, to be honest, is not like the familiar OMW texts we used to get. Those words, or letters to be exact, had some unique intensity behind them. They were thick, not in terms of being written with the “Bold” option on, you could feel the force of vitality behind them, like when the wind blows through and shakes a macrame curtain, of those which rattles the windowpane.

Charmian is of that nature. Her inner music tempo is way past an allegro; she is a total presto piece, fast and lively.  

Dressed up in ceil blue scrub with her name tag attached to the top. “I would not be with this outfit in front of the camera,” she assures.

As we set up and she changes, her parents and boyfriend park on the other side of the street. Duhallow Way, unlike many of South San Francisco streets, is less steep, it seems flat to the eye, but you cannot fool your footsteps!

It is hard to have a royal flush on the first hand of home buying. Still, a full house is rare enough as well. Charmian has it already with living less than two miles away from her brother and a few 101 exits from her parents, and an independent corner where her relaxing after-a-busy-day-music won’t turn into an out of tune falsetto by the other house’s ice blender noise running, a signature of an end unit condo!

Now she is standing outside, dancing, holding the “Home Sweet Home” sign and posing in front of the camera with big, bold peals of laughter, “Sorry but she is expressive with her feelings,” Charmian’s mother says with a sweet smile sparkling on her lips.

There is nothing to be sorry about; this is a dance of independence, having a place that she can call it “her” house for the first time. Stems emanate to a full-grown tree with all the old roots running in their young and fresh branches.

Hamidreza Rafatnejad

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