South San Francisco Residential and Commercial Projects and Update

South San Francisco is called the industrial city for good reason - it has been progressive with growth and development. When it comes to residential and commercial projects, the city has promoted density.

Specifically, housing has been a hot topic of discussion as there is consistently a lack habitable units on the market. Below, you will find some of the most recent updates when it comes to the above:

150 Airport Blvd, South San Francisco 

150 Airport Blvd is a 5 story residential development consisting of 157 units with a 2-level parking garage. The units found in this complex will be strictly for rent.

488 Linden Avenue, South San Francisco

488 Linden Avenue South San Francisco will be a 5 story residential development consisting of 38 apartments for rent. None will be for sale.

Oakmont Meadows, South San Francisco near Westborough Blvd

Oakmont Meadows will be  22 residential units for sale with a mix of 8 townhomes and 14 single family residences. They are almost 100% sold! There is heavy demand for purchasable units in South San Francisco!

Mission Road & McLellan, South San Francisco

Mission and McLellan in SSF will consist of 20 condo units for sale with approximately 6000 sqft of commercial space. This will be an exciting project to watch. It is estimated to be completed by Q2 of 2022. Reach out with questions!

200 Linden Avenue, South San Francisco

200 Linden Avenue will be a 7 story mixed use building with approximately 97 units of residential units for sale and 6500 sqft of retail space. We are excited to see this project finalize and sold. Who do you know is looking for a condo unit?

More information on different developments in South San Francisco can be found at

Are you interested in learning more about what's going on in South San Francisco? Contact your local real estate agents that know of the upcoming changes! Wilson Leung & Associates have dominated the SSF area since 2011. Contact us below.

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