South San Francisco Home Sale During COVID-19 – Client Testimonial

Wilson met Linda years ago while door-knocking in Westborough and continued to see each other around the neighborhood over the next several years.

Wilson Joins Recent Client & Friend for Brunch in South San Francisco | Client Testimonial

Fast forward to today, and they’re sitting down enjoying a meal celebrating the sale of her South San Francisco home, and her upcoming move to Denver after living in the Peninsula for 30+ years.

“I would recommend anyone to come to your company. You and your team are gems, true diamonds.” – Linda, WLREA Client

As we reflect on this moment, we remember that everything we do here at Wilson Leung Real Estate Associates all comes down to service for our community, family, and friends so they can reach their goals. Whether it is through buying, selling, or simply educating others about Real Estate, we are lucky to wake up and get to do what we love every day to help people progress to their next chapter in life.

Linda, we’re grateful for the friendship, your kind words about our team, and for the opportunity to sell your home. All the best to you and your family in Colorado!

If you’re looking to move out of the area to be closer to family like Linda, give us a call for your free Home Valuation today.

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