Navigating COVID-19: A Guide for Real Estate Business Owners

Navigating COVID-19: A Guide for Real Estate Business Owners

Wilson Leung, the Founder of Own Real Estate and Wilson Leung Real Estate Associates, shares how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting his business. In this video, he explains what the team is doing to navigate the changes caused by the shelter-in-place order, both internally and in communications with clients.

[0:04] Wilson on Conversations on COVID-19
“So we won’t be able to do anything in person for a period of time, but what we can do is maintain the relationship we already have.”

[0:24] Wilson on Conversations on Maintaining Client Relationships while ‘social distancing’:
“Even if it’s not a desired business outcome that we’re looking for, it’s just continuing the conversation or maintaining the relationship, so that as things get gloomer or as things get better,either way we’re close in contact with our clients.”

[1:14] Wilson on Finding Ways to Help your Community:
“It’s ever more important to be part of our communities and stronger together.”

[1:59] Wilson on Recognizing Opportunities in a Down Market: “As things get harder, as things take more time, as things take let’s say more money and more attention, more people are gonna quit and leave our industry, which means if we are able to pivot and we are able to maintain and we are able to stick around, there’s more market share for us to take.”

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