Meet Maryanne! Client Testimonial

WLREA - Maryanne Real Estate Client Testimonial | Moved from South San Francisco to Hawaii!

Maryanne is a long time Bay Area native and our dear client here at the WLREA. Wilson met Maryanne while door knocking and meeting families around the neighborhood.

After an initial chat, Wilson soon learned that this was a very important move for her as she hoped to sell her home and move back to Hawaii to be closer to her mom. We were ecstatic to partner with Maryanne and family, help them sell, and begin the next chapter in life.

After taking the time to lay out her timeline, goals and expectations, Wilson set out strategies and important steps needed to answer questions, alleviate stress and make this transaction as smooth as possible. His go-to-market strategy included leveraging our trusted partners including our in-house contractors to prep the home, our in-house stagers to style the home and ‘wow’ buyers as they entered each room, and our in-house marketing team to attract buyers near and far.

With a 10 day open house schedule in place, we were able to lock in multiple offers and land an offer beyond Maryanne’s expectations! Our operations team led all parties to a successful close and we are so excited Maryanne and her family will be together in Hawaii again! Here at the WLREA, our goal is to help your family build wealth through Real Estate.

Whether it’s purchasing your first home, selling your current residence, or simply investing, we’ll put your goals first and help you through the process! Contact us TODAY and sit down with Wilson and our top agents to review your plans!


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