WLREA Home Improvement Services

Learn how our Home Improvement Services can help you sell your home for the best price.

No upfront cost, hidden fees, or interest charged, guaranteed.



Our streamlined process is designed so you can get your home on the market and cut the amount of time it takes to sell.


Our team will be by your side throughout the process, advising you along the way.


No stress regarding logistics, interest or upfront costs.

  • Success stories

    —Vladimir & Eleonora Breytberg

    "WLREA Concierge Services put more money in our pockets for our growing family and we could not be more grateful. No upfront costs for painting, staging and turning our garage into a fun poker room meant we could have a little more freedom financially to plan for our newborn. We can't believe we were able to sell for even more than our stretch target with only being on the market for 2 weeks!


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Our program will specifically cater to your needs. Whether it is moving and storage, inspections, roof repair or additional needs, rest assured WLREA will thoroughly assess and deliver on each opportunity help you sell at the price you deserve.

Once we have decided on an action plan, our team will cover all up front costs. You won’t pay a dime until your home is sold and you have peace of mind!


of buyers’ agents say staging helps their clients visualize a property as their future home


of sellers' agents say staging increases property value from 1% - 20%


of sellers' agents say staging decreases a property’s time on market.

Services we offer:

Kitchen improvements
Bathroom improvements
Cosmetic renovations
Interior + exterior painting
Sewer lateral inspections + remediation
Roofing repair
Moving + storage
Pest control
Seller-side inspections + evaluations
Water heating + plumbing repair

Curious how WLREA Home Improvement Services will transform your sale? Learn more about the difference it can make for you here!

What is the cost of using WLREA Home Improvement Services?

We will front the cost of all services and/or work covered through our program. Once your home sale closes, we will send you an invoice. There are no hidden fees, additional costs, or any interest owed!

Are there services the program does not cover?

We will send you an invoice after closing for the total cost of work covered. There is no added cost or interest owed.

How can I find out if I qualify for the program?

Simple! Just contact us at 650.852.1400 or wilson@theownteam.com today to discuss your eligibility. We look forward to starting this journey with you soon!

This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation, recommendation, offer or promise to provide services.