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You Just Bought a House! Now What?

So you’ve finally closed on your home! What do you do now? While it may feel like the major undertaking is over, there are some important steps to take before your home is ready to be lived in.


  • Take the time to hook up your utilities!

While it may seem premature, taking the time to switch over your gas, electric, and water bill into your name and scheduling the set up for things like internet and cable before moving in guarantees that you won’t be scrambling to get your internet set up and your power working in the middle of the moving process. 

  • Forward your mail and change your address.

This is a step many people can forget and you don’t want your bills and important mail being sent to the wrong address. Make sure to update your mailing address with your bank, providers, and family members who may be sending you important letters or packages. Check out the list of organizations you may need to update your address with in our downloadable guide. Also, make sure to contact USPS and set up mail forwarding to guarantee nothing gets lost on its way to you!

  • Review your home inspection report.

If you have a home inspection report, make sure to review it before moving in. Being aware of the details of your house is important to keep track of what may need repairs down the line. Before you move in, take the time to review your report and schedule any repairs you may want to have done before you’re an active resident.

  • Check on your insurance.

While you likely set up your new home insurance during your buying process, a change in address can affect other insurance plans you may have including car and health insurance. Make sure to check in with your insurance company to confirm your new address, as well as taking the time to consult with your insurance agent about how your new home may impact the plans you have. Many insurance companies offer bundling deals and you may be eligible for a better insurance plan!

  • Set up auto-payments for your mortgage and utility bills!

Many banks offer auto-payment options to ensure that you never miss an important payment. Take the time to set up auto-payments for your mortgage and various utilities, so that you never run into a missed payment. Just make sure to cancel any auto-payments you may have for previous utility bills or an old mortgage!

  • Create a home maintenance schedule. 

Your new home will require regular maintenance and upkeep outside of the standard interior cleanings. Make sure to schedule out tasks like cleaning your air filters, emptying the hot water heater annually, cleaning your gutters, clearing your dryer vent, doing pest inspections, and more, so you never fall behind and risk serious home damage.

  • Perform a deep cleaning!

Before moving in, take some time to perform a deep cleaning on your new home while it’s still empty! This is a great chance to wipe down baseboards, magic eraser any scuffs, mop and vacuum your floors, and guarantee that everything is in great shape before you bring in your boxes and furniture. 

  • Change locks and reset any security codes.

Once you’ve gotten your keys, it’s a good idea to change your locks and update any codes your home may have, making sure your home is safe and secure from the start. If your home doesn’t have a security system installed already, this would be a great chance to have one put in.

  • Learn where everything in your home is. 

Not only is it important to know how you want your new home organized, but it’s essential to know where and how everything in your new home works. Check to see if the circuit breaker switches are labeled, locate your water shut off valve, make sure you know how to open your attic door if your home has one, figure out where you need to replace the HVAC filters. Taking the time to get to know your house will make maintaining it much easier and make sure you know what to do when something goes wrong.

  • Make sure you’re prepared for emergencies!

Here in the Bay Area, we’re at risk for earthquakes and fires. Make sure you’re prepared with emergency supplies, including water, food, clean clothes, toiletries, and any other necessities you may need in an emergency. It is also important to have a fireproof storage safe to keep important documents and items secure and protected in case of fire.

  • Unpack your boxes.

While it may sound silly, it's important to make sure you unpack all of your boxes once you’ve moved in! Boxes can easily sit unpacked for weeks during the stress of a moving process. Take the time to unpack and set up your new space to get organized quickly and enjoy your new house!

  • Relax and enjoy! 

You just hit a major life milestone! Sit back, relax, and take the time to celebrate your new home. Have some family and friends over once you've gotten all set up. But most importantly, be proud! You bought a house! 


Download our checklist here to help you navigate the process of setting up your new home to be move in ready! If you're looking to buy a home in the San Francisco Bay Area, reach out. We are happy to help you get your process started!


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