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Selling Your Home with a Seamless Transition

Selling a house is a serious project. Start with the herculean effort of clearing, cleaning, and staging the house for sale on the competitive modern market. Then you must list the house, attract buyers, and choose the best potential buyer's bid for your home. Then, before the sale can be completed, you'll need to manage escrow, handle negotiations with the buyer, and prepare for closing costs and procedures. Once the deal is closed, you still need to wait for the buyer to complete their mortgage transaction to receive the money and hand over the keys.

Most homeowners and sellers are looking for a smoother transition from deciding to sell the home to closing the deal. For DIY home selling, the process will always be rocky and meticulous. That seamless home selling experience depends entirely on the services you work with. It is possible, even easy, to arrange for a nearly effortless home sale if you hire the right services. Just as a hiring movers can help transition your family from one furnished house to the next, the right real estate team can help streamline the process of preparing, listing, selling, and closing your home.


Seamless Full-Service Home Selling

The real estate market is always hot. The services needed to move property from sellers to buyers has been honed from centuries of practice. From landscaping to financial services, there are real estate specialists who can take over their industry's portion of the process. One by one, hired teams can take any property from as-is to sale completion.  This leaves sellers able to choose the combination of real estate services that will be most useful for their home selling process.

These services include

  • Home Repairs
    • Structure, roof, hvac, appliance, doors and windows
  • Cleaning Services
    • Maids, carpet cleaning, junk hauling, mold remediation
  • Landscaping
    • Cleaning up the yard, curb appeal,  property improvements
  • Home Staging
    • Fresh paint, new flooring, window treatments, arranged furniture and decor for photography
  • Listing the Home for Sale
    • Photo and 3D tour, full detail online listings, MLS entry, multiple platform listings
  • Finding a Buyer
    • Attracting buyers, accepting bids, choosing the best bid
  • Negotiating the Contract
    • Negotiating with the buyer on be half of the seller for better sale price and final terms
  • Closing the Sale
    • Handling legal processing of the contract, escrow, and financial transfers
  • Delivering the Cash
    • Presenting the seller with a final payment for a completed home sale


The Four Phases of Seamless Transition Home Selling

Our team has narrowed down these services into four easy stages that any home seller can benefit from. Whether you are selling an inherited home or coordinating your family move to a new house, you can manage a smooth home sale with predictable progress from selling to sold. The four phases are broken down as the planning phase, the prepping phase, the marketing phase, and the closing phase.

Phase 1) Analyze and Plan

The first phase takes two weeks to build a home selling strategy. Every home has a starting place, a base value, and the potential it could reach with a few improvements.  In this phase, we determine what it will take to get your home ready for the market then make plans to optimize the price and buyer appeal. Your plan will include a timeline for repairs, improvements, staging, marketing, and a projected time for closing the home sale.

Phase 2) Prepare and Improve

We enact your plans to improve the house and prepare it for the market. Repairs are made during this time, along with any minor renovations to improve the home's appeal for modern buyers. 

This phase also includes preparing the home to look good on the market. A fresh coat of paint, a few rounds with the steam cleaner, and some strategic staging go a long way. 

Phase 3) Market and Sell

Marketing a house for sale is an involved yet predictable process. When a home is properly listed online, buyers and buyer-agents will find their way to your email inbox. We will take the professional photo tour and, on request, arrange for 3D tour experiences of the house. Then detailed and accurate listing is created on each of the relevant online property platforms from the MLS to Zillow.

Our team will then manage buyers and help you to choose the best bid for your house.

Phase 4) Closing and Funds

Finally, our team knows how to streamline the closing of a home sale. Closing often takes sellers by surprise because there is so much paperwork and final costs to sort out after the contract is signed. As real estate professionals, we know exactly how to wrap up your home sale and present you with a tidy check at the end.


Looking for peace of mind and a seamless home selling transition? We can help. Contact our team to enjoy the OWN team's full service approach to home selling. We look forward to working with you.




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