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Pros & Cons of Living in San Bruno

If you’ve been considering a move to the Bay Area, you’ve probably heard of San Bruno. The city is nestled in between South San Francisco and Millbrae, and sits adjacent to San Francisco International Airport. San Bruno covers the flat lowlands near San Francisco Bay and extends into the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, making it a great place for outdoorsy individuals, couples, and families! But that doesn’t mean the city is without its flaws. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the pro’s and con’s of living in San Bruno. Let’s dive in.


  • PRO #1 Mostly sunny and moderately windy weather - San Bruno is known to bring sunshine throughout the year with the occasional clouds/fog. Some days during the afternoon, you’ll be able to catch karl the fog rolling in from the crystal springs reservoir which is a beautiful site
  • CON #1 When it does get windy, San Bruno and wind come hand in hand. It’s never a dull day when Karl does roll into town. Make sure you have a warm jacket or windbreaker - the good news? It’s never too hot or cold in San Bruno.


  • PRO #2 Ease of and proximity to transportation. San Bruno is known for it’s numerous residential neighborhoods. This is why many residents chose to live in San Bruno. From the car, 380 connects both major freeways - the 101 and 280. Additionally, San Bruno has the second to last BART station on the peninsula near Tanforan.
  • CON #2 Proximity to the Airport and major shopping centers - San Bruno is right next to the airport. You’ll tend to hear airplane noise from incoming and departing flights flying out of the airport. Additionally, San Bruno is set to lose its only large shopping center, Tanforan, which is going to become a megacampus workspace. You’ll now need to go north to Serramonte in Daly City and Stonestown in San Francisco or Hillsdale in San Mateo for your major shopping needs.


  • PRO #3 Affordability relative to the rest of the peninsula. San bruno is known to be the top 5 more affordable cities in San Mateo county so you do not need to leave the peninsula. There are condo complexes (shelter creek, peninsula place) that offer studio, one and two bedroom layouts that are purchasable, which makes them the most affordable units to buy. You’ll find single family residences however the entry to get into one will now be in the low millions.
  • CON #3 Affordability is relative - still one of the more expensive cities to live in and buy a home. Median home price is 1.3m as of mid 2022.


Just like anywhere else in the world, San Bruno has its positives and negatives. For many, the ability to be in the Bay Area and equally close to San Francisco and beautiful California beaches greatly outweighs the cons the city may have. If you are one of those people and are looking to relocate to San Bruno, reach out to us. Our team of top Bay Area experts can’t wait to assist you find your dream home, for the right price!


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