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Living in Daly City: Pros & Cons

If you’ve been considering a move to the Bay Area, you’ve probably heard of Daly City. The coastal community is situated at the edge of San Mateo County, and is nicknamed, “Gateway to the Peninsula” because of its border with San Francisco. Daly City extends from the ocean to San Bruno Mountain, giving it a nice balance between city and nature, and making it a great place for outdoorsy individuals, couples, and families! But that doesn’t mean the city is without its flaws. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the pro’s and con’s of living in Daly City. Let’s dive in.

PRO #1: Convenience and Proximity. With the city bordering San Francisco, you have easy access up and down the peninsula with quick drive times to San Francisco up north and Santa Clara down south. Similarly to the city, you also have convenient proximity to nearby beaches – like Ocean Beach, San Francisco’s longest beach, or Fort Funston Beach which is a great place for dogs to go off leash! – and Lake Merced, part of a 614 acre park bordering San Francisco and Daly City which many locals use for its numerous running trails.

CON #1: Proximity. The double edge sword of Daly City is that it is in the flight path of SFO. While it is two cities away from the international airport, in parts of the city you will still hear and feel the flights, which can cause disruption and additional noise for residents. If you’re sensitive to air traffic sounds, this may limit what areas you can reside in.


PRO #2: Culture. Being the most populous city in San Mateo County, Daly City has a very assorted population breakdown, with a large variety of cuisines and ethnic influences. If you’re looking for a city filled with diversity, look no further as over 50% of the city residents are from minority groups!

CON #2: Population Density. Being a highly populated area does come with its woes. Being the most populous city in the county does mean there are a fair amount of denser areas of the city, with these being primarily along the east side near Mission Road. This east side of the city also borders Colma, which houses numerous graveyards and is often called the “City of Souls” by its locals.


PRO #3: Mediterranean Climate and Mild Weather. Like many parts of the Bay Area and California, Daly City is never too hot or too cold. On the high side it can get into the low 80s and on the low side it can be in the high 40s. During the summer months there may be a couple hotter days sprinkled here and there, but rarely does the city ever encounter prolonged heat waves or cold fronts.

CON #3: Fog. Being part of the peninsula and so close to SF, Daly City isn’t immune to the San Francisco fog. Approximately 50% of the year it may be foggy, which means extra moisture and can lead to slightly faster exterior wear and tear on your home.


PRO #4 Affordability. When looking at the cost of living & home prices in the peninsula, Daly City is one of the most affordable cities to live in! Relative to the rest of the Bay Area, Daly City ranks pretty well with a cost of living index of 213 and a medium home price of $1.18 million. 

CON #4 Affordability is relative. Just because it's affordable by Bay Area standards, doesn’t mean it’s affordable. Daly City is still one of the more expensive cities in the country to live in, especially when you’re looking into buying a home. In Daly City, home prices are over 300% higher than the national average cost, which is important to keep in mind when considering Daly City for your next home.


Just like anywhere else in the world, Daly City has its positives and negatives. For many, the ability to be in the Bay Area and equally close to San Francisco and beautiful California beaches greatly outweighs the cons the city may have. If you are one of those people and are looking to relocate to Daly City, reach out to us. Our team of top Bay Area experts can’t wait to assist you find your dream home, for the right price!


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