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A Rewarding Guide to San Mateo County

Every place has some unique experiences to offer, but with San Mateo county being nestled in the melting pot that is the Bay Area, there’s so many interesting and fun things to do to expand your horizons. Whether you’ve just moved to San Mateo county, or you’re a long time resident who wants to explore some new things, we’ve whittled down the list and come up with the top 10 things to do in San Mateo county!


  1. Visit the Downtown Neighborhoods. Here in San Mateo County there are 20 individual cities, each with their own downtown neighborhoods. Unlike San Francisco, the cities you find in San Mateo county offer an escape from the hustle and bustle. Built for pedestrians, the downtown districts in San Mateo, Burlingame, South San Francisco, and the rest of the county feature a mix of modern stores and historic buildings, plenty of entertainment options, and great restaurants. 
  2. Enjoy Some of the Best Cuisine Diversity in the World. California is known as a cultural melting pot, and San Mateo county is no different. Featuring a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and more, there is fantastic food wherever you are. No matter what you might be in the mood for, you are sure to find it here. Some of my personal favorites are Zen Noodle Bar in San Mateo, Sushi Kei in Millbrae, Mykonos Meze House in Burlingame, and Ben Tre in South San Francisco. 
  3. Taking a Hike on One of the Notable Trails. For the outdoor enthusiasts, San Mateo county is the perfect place for some great hikes with incredible views. No matter your hiking ability, there are trails for all skill levels in any environment. With tree-filled hills, hidden lakes, and even sandy beaches right nearby, San Mateo county is perfect for anyone looking to reconnect with nature and spend some time outdoors. 
  4. Take a Top Rated Tour and Do Some Sightseeing. New to the area? Definitely take the time to take a tour and do some sightseeing to get acclimated. San Mateo county is home to some of the best tour companies in the area with a wide range of options. Biking Tours, Food Tours, and even a one of a kind steam train ride, there's something for everyone. With San Mateo county being the home to tech giants Facebook and Google, if exploring the booming tech industry is more your speed, check out some of the technology tours in Silicon Valley.
  5. Support Local With Farmers Markets. If you’re interested in supporting local businesses, a great way to do that is through farmers markets. With over 10 different farmers markets to choose from, you’ll be able to get almost everything you need in one convenient location with a great sense of community.
  6. Take a neighborhood walk. While it may sound simple, San Mateo county is filled with amazing homes that can be great inspiration pieces, or make for interesting scenery while getting some exercise. I personally love taking walks around my neighborhood and community with my corgi, Hamilton. 
  7. Enjoy a night on the town. If a night out is a bit more your speed, be sure to take advantage of the opportunities right here in San Mateo. If you’re looking for live music, comedy shows, or even spoken word events, check out the Pacifica Center for the Arts. They offer a wide variety of entertainment events, with something for everyone’s interests. If you’re looking to dance, the Vinyl Room in downtown Burlingame is the place to go. Known as one of the "Biggest Little Night Clubs in the Peninsula", every night offers something fun.
  8. Check out Princeton-By-The-Sea. Located just north of Half Moon Bay right off of Highway 1, Princeton-By-The-Sea features cool restaurants, shopping, and outdoor adventures. Home to Pillar Point Harbor, San Mateo County's largest harbor and hub for commercial fishing. Check out a whale or bird watching expedition as well as the chance to purchase some of the freshly-caught seafood. 
  9. Visit One of the Historic Sites. Being so close to San Francisco, San Mateo County has a strong and rich history. Whether you’ve just moved here or you’ve lived here your whole life, take some time to explore the historic sights. The Filoli Historic House & Garden offers 16 acres of formal gardens to walk through, at the Hiller Aviation Museum you can learn more about Northern California aircraft history, or discover more about San Mateo county’s history at the San Mateo County History Museum housed within the restored early 1900’s courthouse.
  10. Enjoy a cozy night in. If you’ve recently relocated, spending time in your new community is essential, but it is equally important to relax at home as well. Order in and enjoy a cozy evening indoors getting acclimated to your new space. Take the time to rest and recover and experience your new environment at a simple pace to really make the most of all San Mateo County has to offer.


Whatever your style or tastes may be, there is something in this guide for everyone. With the start of a new year, take some time to try something new and enjoy one of the many unique experiences that San Mateo county has to offer. If you’re looking to relocate to the San Mateo County area, reach out to us! Our team of top agents would be happy to help you find your dream home! 


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