Karl Chang

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Peninsula with the passion to know the Bay Area thoroughly. With close to a decade of experience assisting people find a place to call home, I have made lifelong connections with all walks of life and have proven to be an indispensable resource to those around me! My expertise in the local real estate market and trends is a commodity well-sought after and one that is utilized to its fullest potential for all of my clients. I epitomize integrity, energy, diligence, and creative services in every detail of each Real Estate transaction that I handle. I am a family man with a devotion to God and I enjoy spending time at my local coffee shop with a book in hand and my dog by his side. I am committed to go above and beyond what is expected – when going the extra mile has become the standard, I go the extra ten. Remember, If I don't meet your expectations as your agent, please hold me accountable. I want to ensure you are completely satisfied from start to finish!
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