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Cathy Nguyen

Director Of Transactions

Cathy was born and raised in San Diego, California. In 2013 Cathy moved to San Francisco to further her education and career. She began working at a major financial institution as a Teller and worked her way up to become Sales & Service Specialists. Cathy has had the chance to work amongst various management styles and has learned to process all feedback constructively while integrating any coaching received in the execution of her daily duties.

Cathy excels in providing value in the areas of problem management, client interactions, and clerical duties while her main interest lies in the operational aspect of managing a business. As WLREA's Director of Operations, Cathy is precise and seasoned in making sure all clients are needs efficiently and seamlessly. She takes on each client with care and supports them through the home buying process thoroughly. Whether it is working on the business or client's need, Cathy is the backbone of the team!

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